Data Analysis and Modeling Laboratory (Dat.A.Mode.L.)


The Lab was founded on March 22nd 2016.



The Head of the Lab is Professor Efstratios F. Georgopoulos.



The research conducted in the Data Analysis and Modeling Lab focuses primarily in the following research areas:

  • Quantitative Data Analysis on data derived primarily from natural and/or artificial systems.
  • Development of mathematical models of physical, biological or artificial systems.
  • Development of computational models of physical, biological or artificial systems.
  • Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods in modeling systems.
  • Development of innovative Machine Learning techniques.
  • Knowledge Extraction from Data.
  • Computational Science.
  • Analysis, Control and Forecasting of Time Series.
  • Signals and Systems.
  • System Identification. 
  • System Modeling and Simulation.
  • System Analysis and Control.
  • Signal Processing.
  • Pattern Recognition.