Academic Staff


Dr. Efstratios F. Georgopoulos, Data Analysis, Modelling and Machine Learning

Dr. Karamousantas Demetrios, Agricultural Machinery
Dr. Papageorgiou Athanassios, Rural Economy and Food and Agricultural Products Marketing

Dr. Petropoulou Smaragdi, Αrboriculture
Dr. Stathas George, Agricultural Entomology and Zoology
Dr. Velissariou Dimitrios, Plant Physiology


Associate Professors

Dr. Alexopoulos Alexios, Field crops

Dr. Assimakopoulou Anna,Mineral nutrition of higher plants

Dr. Demopoulos Vassilis, Plant Pathology - Plant Protection Products

Dr. Kotsiras Anastassios, Horticulture

Dr. Petropoulos Dimitrios, Agricultural Economy


Assistant Professors

Dr. Darras Anastassios, Floriculture and Landscape Design

Dr. Delis KostasPlant Biotechnology and Genetics

Dr. Kartsonas Epaminondas, Ornamental Plants, Garden Design and Plants Asexual Propagation


Applications Professors

Dr. Dimokas George, Greenhouse crops and floriculture
Kotsifaki Mary, MSc, Plant Anatomy and Morphology
Mouroutoglou Christos, MSc, Water resources and agricultural environment