Introduction to the Department of Agricultural Technology




According to the Presidential Decree Number 91 (Official Government Gazette 131/vol. A/05.06.2013), the Department of Crop Production and the Department of Biological Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture have merged into the newly established Department of Agricultural Technology, which started its operation during the winter semester of academic period 2013-2014.


The Department is aiming at studying and promoting the Agricultural science and technology, focusing on strengthening the knowledge of modern agricultural technology. The studies cover a wide range of fields related to Agricultural Science and Technology with regard to crop production. The training of the Department provides its graduates with the necessary knowledge so that they can either be self-employed or work in public or private agricultural institutions.


The study programme of the Department includes basic compulsory courses, courses related to two fields of specialization (Crop Production, Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture), plus elective courses. The studies are completed after 8 semesters and include theoretical classes, laboratory exercises (in the lab, in the greenhouses or at the farm), seminars, educational trips and projects. The last semester is intended for practicum and completing the undergraduate thesis.


The Department offers one Master Programm entitled "Master in Controlled Environment Agriculture – Soilless Culture", while its graduates are able to continue with their studies (PhD) and stand out in the academic world. Moreover, the Department coordinates doctorate programmes in cooperation with Universities in Greece and abroad.


Under the Presidential Decree No 109, Official Government Gazette 47/Vol. A/10-2-89, the specialized and technical knowledge acquired by the graduates of the Department of Department of Agricultural Technology enables them to be engaged – on their own or in collaboration with other scientists – in the research related to specific fields of Agricultural Science, and in the application of modern technology to the process of crop production.



A. Course objectives

Studies cover the applications and development in Agriculture, emphasising in the production and management of Mediterranean and Subtropical plant production.


B. Description of the Graduate

The graduates of the department, obtain the necessary scientific, technological knowledge and experience in the Applied Agricultural Science and Technology, so as to be suitable for Professional Employment either as self-employed or in collaboration with other scientists, especially in the following fields:

  • Production, quality standardisation and distribution of Agricultural Products with emphasis on Mediterranean and Subtropical Plant Crops.
  • Organisation and Management of Agricultural Enterprises and materialisation of relevant Technical and Financial projects.
  • Technical support of crops, concerning diagnosis and therapy of biological, technical and financial problems, application of modern cropping methods, provision and distribution of agricultural chemicals and other equipment, as well as production management (standardisation, qualification, preservation, marketing, distribution of agricultural products.
  • Production of certified agricultural products by the application of Modern Plant protection and nutrition methods, Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Crop Management as well as Sustainable-Organic Farming. Production and distribution of organic fertilisers and organic products for use in Organic Farming.
  • Production of plant reproductive materials by classical (genetic) and modern biotechnological methods.
  • Applied Research Programs, concerning production means and techniques, as well as the Impact of Agriculture on the Environment.


C. Course structure

The duration of the course is eight (8) semesters. The course in all semesters but the last, includes lectures, laboratory exercises and tutorials, as well as practical work under cover and in the field, collaborate seminars, project work, educational visits in production areas of: a) agricultural crops and production reproductive materials, b) distribution of agricultural supplies, c) consultancy firms, d) research laboratories and e) Extension services. Emphasis is given to case studies and group projects.

Courses in the first few semesters include fundamental biological and other science subjects (Mathematics, Agricultural Chemistry, Biometry, Plant Biology etc.) as well as introductory subjects in Floriculture, Vegetable Crops, Arboriculture and Arable Crops.

In the following semesters, specialised core-subjects are included, such as Soil Science, Plant Nutrition, General Plant Protection, Genetics, Biotechnology, Agricultural Equipment, Irrigation, Agricultural Economics, Agro-ecology, etc.

During the last semesters specialised courses are taught, which concern Arboriculture, Vegetable crops, and other crops grown in the Mediterranean and Subtropical Areas, which are complemented by specialised subjects in Plant Protection, Plant Breeding, Applied Plant Physiology, Greenhouse Equipments, etc.

A special category of courses include economic and management subjects, necessary for the organisation and management of Agricultural Enterprises relevant to the specialisation of the department.

The final semester of the course includes Professional Experience and conducting the Thesis Project, which guarantees for the graduate a deep insight into a subject of Applied Research or a topic with a direct relation to the student's course-specialisation.